Stacks of articles…eek

23 Apr

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As I type this update, I am surrounded by several piles of printed journal articles, in various states of highlighting and underlining, that I am “strongly encouraged to read”. By that, the professors mean, “read them or we will make your lives miserable. Yes, any information on them can be included on an exam.” Two cups of coffee later(I drink hot things reeeally slowly too; the coffee has to almost lukewarm before I start on it.), I’ve gotten through one big paper and two little ones, all without really understanding a word of what I was reading.

Am I slow or something? I see other classmates in my seminar class talk, at length, on the various articles they read. They even discuss their views on it, offer critical questions, and in general are smarty pants. Where do they summon the enthusiasm for digesting this dense, vapid, and uninspiring stuff. God….I just want a nap or a stiff drink after reading one of these. Maybe I’ll do both. 🙂

In an effort to keep myself up to date on the literature, I will try to periodically post a summary of a paper I have read and some insights on it. We’ll see how long that lasts. *rolls eyes*

Got any ideas for reading this kinda stuff? I can read textbooks fine, but put an article in front of me and it’s better than an anesthetic. Any tips are most appreciated!

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