What does the future hold?

15 Aug

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Having thought a lot about myself, what I want out of life, and how all that fits into the context of a career over the last month now, I have decided that a PhD is probably not the best way to go at the moment. Yes, in this terrible economy it’s not the best decision financialy, but I feel that I need to stick up for what I think is best for myself. If I don’t start taking a stand for what I think is right by me then who will?

To that end I have notified my school that I am withdrawing my name for matriculation next year. I have begun looking to the future and trying to see where I fit into such a broad field. I have come to understand more about myself in the last few weeks. Namely, I know that I need something that will offer me varying challenges day-to-day, something that will allow me to focus on several different problems, and, maybe most importantly, I need to have some form of contact with people. The idea of being in touch with the people themselves who were benefiting from my knowledge was most important.

There are a few sub-fields that I have narrowed my search down to that would allow me as close a match as possible: healthcare, medical, and clinical research. All of these fields touch in some way on the criteria that I think are important for keeping my sanity.

The next plan of attack will be to find a way to get my foot in the door to experience and sample these fields for myself. Most likely, I’m thinking that a masters degree will be the way to go as it’s not as big of a commitment as a PhD and it doesn’t lock me into a research based career. More on what I come up with next time! Stay tuned!

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