GPA Worries

25 Oct

My undergraduate GPA was not great, but it wasn’t terrible either. As I said in an earlier post about re-vamping my study methods, my GPA was less than med school caliber when I finished up undergrad. Good enough for some things, but not for getting into med school. When I contacted the the school’s recently retired pre-med advisor about going to med school he said it pretty much wasn’t happening for MD, but maybe DO or Caribbean would give me a shot. He’s now passed me on to the school’s current pre-med advisor, so I guess I’ll see what she has to say.

This was a severe blow for me since I really wanted to get an MD(esp. here in the US). I have nothing personal against anyone who does DO, and I would
think they can make great doctors, but I haven’t done enough research to know if it’s really for me. I’ll start looking into finding more about what DO is now. I’m glad that I’ll be going for my master’s degree as it’ll probably help me a little to make up for the rough years of my undergraduate degree.

I still worry though. I’ve heard lots of things on the forums at Student Doctor Network. Some say that a regular master’s degree isn’t worth much to med schools and that only Special Master’s Programs(SMPs) count. I’ve heard both ways really, and I guess it comes down to what school you go to for the MS and what schools you apply to for med school. Alright, alright. I’ll stop my whining and complaining about the unknown future for now and suck it up. 🙂


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