Concept Maps: Meh

10 Nov

Photo is courtesy of Wikipedia…my concept maps should never see the light of day. 😛

An experiment that went south

Okay, so I tried out these things called concept maps, and I gotta say they’re pretty cool. And when I say they’re cool, I mean I would have to overlook the time-consuming task of making one of these monstrosities, the lack of flexability with my program use to make them, and the fact that they fail to really help me remember any of the stuff that I’ve read.

So no…I don’t think I’ll be continuing to use concept maps, no matter how highly recommended they are. I think that the spaced repetition flashcards like Anki are a lot less work and can do the same job better. Work harder not smarter. Err…the other way around. You know what I meant!

Where did it all go wrong?

Is it just me? Do you actually use these unholy creations for your studying? Is it my poor choice of software? I wanted to like them. They were colorful and had awesome lines and shapes connecting all over. (sigh…)

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