Book Review: Med School Confidential

18 Nov

Today’s book: Med School Confidential written by Robert H. Miller and Dan Bissell M.D. This book has some useful information and is geared towards both the pre-med and current med student. It tries to point out pitfalls and dangers one might encounter in med school so that you can have an easier time. Lets do this!


  • Written by med students for pre-med and current med students.
  • Very clear writing and formatting.
  • Book is divided up into sections based on a typical med school time line from the start of the application process to residency selection.
  • Good advice on studying effectively(though I think one should experiment and find what works for them rather than following a recommendation to the letter).
  • Discusses dealing with the stresses of med school and how it will impact your family/romantic life.
  • Give a sample timeline of what the application process should look like (only applicable if you’re a traditional college => med school applicant)


  • No in depth discussion on DO schools. The focus is almost entirely on MD schools with a small paragraph mentioning DO and that they differ from MD based on holistic approach…yada yada. Same old stuff.
  • There is similarly nothing on Caribbean schools and other foreign school at all.
  • This book tries to do too much and consequentially only scratches the surface of all the topics it looks at.

This book, while hyped a lot, was overall a disappointment to me. I have personally found much better, in depth, advice from the current attendings, residents, and medical students on SDN. The book’s mishandling of the alternatives available aside from MD schools was disappointing to me as well since I was hoping to find a little more info regarding making this decision between the two types. While this book’s is a great introduction to the ins and outs of med school, there are far better, deeper sources out there that will serve you better. When I find them I’ll write them up in their own review here. 😛

Bottom line:

Med School Confidential is a good book for your first med school information book, especially if you don’t have a good pre-med advisor available. It’ll introduce you to many aspects of med school that you weren’t aware of, and it will give you a nice platform to start your own research from. However, you may look back at this book a month later and wonder why you bothered at all.


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