CNA Class – First Day

14 Dec

We apologize for the interruption…

First CNA class was yesterday. I didn’t write anything up because I was(read: still am) felling super sick. The medicine is helping me function today though. yay medicine. Class seems like it’ll be interesting learning the different skills needed to be a CNA. I think I’ll be pretty much bored to tears for the lecture based part though. Most of this stuff is basic(and I mean basic!) anatomy, physiology, and first aid stuff from what I’ve seen. Who knows…maybe I’ll be surprised. I hope I am!

The clinical part should be fun. It involves our little class of 9-10 people going to a local nursing home and ‘practicing the skills we’ve learned’ on the residents. I feel for those patients. It starts a week later though after we’ve gotten a few classes under our scrubs. 😛 I’m the only guy in the class too! I stand out far more than I’m used to, but it’ll be good for me to get out of my comfort zone.

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