Selling myself

17 Dec

Your Soul Is Mine!

I’m trying to get into a lab for the coming semester in grad school. I NEED this to graduate remotely on time and not set my med school plans back by about 2 years(give or take). 😦 I’m writing out a lot of emails and inquiries to lab heads in the hope that they will give me the chance to come in and start working with them. This is the part I hated about the PhD application process as well, this trying to sell yourself to someone you really don’t know. The polishing up your good points and trying to stuff your weaknesses into a closet so no one can see them until you’re accepted. And I know, I know you’re gonna say everyone has to do it and that you’ll do it all over again to get into med school too. That doesn’t make it any less distasteful. Why can’t I be honest without the fear of not getting anything? It would make me feel so much less like I’m trying to sell myself as the poster boy, savior of the world, awesome guy when I’m really a slightly neurotic and, at times, insecure about everything and anything in my life kind of person. End of rant.

If you’ve been through this process and would care to share how you survived without selling your soul, please share them with me in the comments. Have a great weekend!

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