Grad School Orientation

21 Dec

A quick recap of the day-long orientation at grad school. All in all, it went pretty well save for a few hiccups. When I arrived on campus I couldn’t find a parking space that was open that wasn’t reserved for staff. I winged it and parked in a staff spot praying that I didn’t come out with my “first bill from the school” on my windshield. There were not a lot of us coming into the program in the spring semester, which I had anticipated.

The Professors’ Spiel

The dean of the school and the head professor of the grad school spoke with us, wishing up good luck and reminding us that it would be a lot of work(more so than we were probably used to in undergrad). They had some general advise and some specific advice too about places to go for registration and who to talk to about bills/financial aid. Overall, it was a warm welcome, filled with the usual fare from professors. 😛

The Unofficial Student Version

Our little group took a tour of the campus with one of the current grad students. This was really helpful. The student held nothing back in answering our questions, and went above and beyond to make sure we were all aware of the ins and out of the campus. The student guide was super helpful with letting us know about the services offered to students that the professors didn’t know about. They answered our countless questions about the classes, what professors were good/bad, how many classes to take per semester, and on and on. It was some of the best “unofficial” information I could have asked for!

Some Minor Glitches

We had only ran into trouble when it came time to get our parking passes and student ID cards. The offices were closed that day. It turned out that the health offices were on break when we stopped by too, so that was a bust. I went back down the next day and got the health forms and the parking pass squared away, but the ID machine was broken so that’ll be another trip. 😦 Gas is expensive man!

Overall, I’m really excited about coming to this school. It seems really supportive, and the student body seems really close-knit(i.e. not back-stabbing, cutthroats). The campus is easy to navigate, and I can’t ask for a better location at the price their asking for. Now if I can only get into a lab rotation. Hmm…still working on that one.


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2 responses to “Grad School Orientation

  1. Rishi

    December 23, 2010 at 12:39 am

    Sounds like you’re shaping up to enjoy your time in grad school! Remember to focus on getting a handful of meaningful experiences to discuss during your medical school interviews! I can’t stress how vital “quality over quantity” is for the future. Best of luck and happy holidays!! 🙂

    • Flustered Grad

      December 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm

      Thanks for the advice! Happy holidays to you too!


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