Christmas Is Upon Us

25 Dec


Hello Kitty Santa Claus in Japan

Once again, this time of year where fat men break into people’s homes, slide down tight spaces and…yeah I give up. Christmas season is upon us and with it we have the newest round of political correctness floating in the air. I don’t hold any religious beliefs, but I do celebrate Christmas with my family. I enjoy the giving and receiving of gifts, the time with family and friends, giving to those less fortunate(should be done year-round!), and the cookies. I liken my celebration of Christmas to be much like the way Christmas is done in Japan(they fit it in as an after-party to their emperor’s birthday bash). Take out the mystical, mythological-like being from the story and leave the family and warm, fuzzy-feelings bits in there. Give presents, be happy, enjoy the company of your family and friends, take a day off from studying, and enjoy the season regardless of whether you celebrate anything or not!

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