HIPPA: My first encounter

23 Jan

I was all set to go in to view an operation this last week. It was to be a great opportunity: a video assisted laproscopic procedure to operate on the lungs of a patient. However, just after they’d put the patient under I got a call that I need to leave the OR and see the head of the section I volunteered in. Turns out the charge nurse got wind that I was in there and said that I would need written consent from the patient to view the surgery. That’s kinda hard to do when the patient is out cold. This sucks since I had gotten permission from the surgeon doing the procedure and knew one of the nurses on duty as well. But still, HIPPA must be respected. Right? I don’t know a lot about the in’s and out’s of the law actually. Does anyone know more about HIPPA that could point me to a site explaining the legal nuances of it so that I may better avoid let downs like the one this week, or even be able to argue my case that I’m in the right next time? Cheers everyone! 🙂

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Posted by on January 23, 2011 in Volunteer


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