Book Review: What Patients Taught Me

09 Apr
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I just checked out about every book in my local library this past weekend that relates to med school/doctoring and written by a student. I apologize to any other curious premeds in my area that are now frustrated by the lack of books available to them. Getting more information on an unknown situation is the most calming thing for me when I’m stressed. It’s like my drug. Reading books. Lots of them. ūüôā

Anyways…the first book I picked up off the pile was “What Patients Taught Me” written by Audrey Young. This book follows Young as a med student as she goes through her 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations and the patients she encounters. This book teems with far off places like Alaska or Swaziland, and closer places like Seattle.

Young finds many life lessons during the course of her time on rotations. She learns much from the patients, and the reader is invited to watch her grow into her role as a doctor. At first she feels that she is only acting out the doctor, but by the end of the book she has begun to gain confidence in her skills and really start coming into her own.

The unique thing about Young’s experiences was that she did almost all of her rotations in more rural locations. This was something her school setup to¬†encourage¬†doctors to practice in more rural areas to help meet the physician shortage.¬†Young¬†experiences more autonomy working the these rural areas, yet they come with their own unique challenges.

Overall, this book was a quick read that flowed smoothly, was captivating, and transports the reader to far reaches of the world following after Young. It is a book that I would recommend to any student that is considering an international or rural rotation. A great read!

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