Happy Something Day!

24 Apr

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! The day when many people celebrate the re-animation of a guy who had been dead for three days. Hence the zombie part in the name. Clever, I know right? 😛 However, despite all my brilliance, I cannot be credited with thinking up such a cool name. All credit goes to the comic “Cyanide and Happiness”, reproduced for you below.

Cyanide & Happiness #858 -

Cyanide & Happiness #858 -

Anyways, I hope no one takes too much offense to me calling Easter, Zombie Jesus Day. I don’t make a lot of money…any money at the moment actually 😦 …to hire a security force, so please don’t take it personally. Go eat a marshmallow peep or something and chill out before you do anything rash. Better yet, microwave a peep. *nods* It will blow your mind. But seriously, how did it go from a half-naked guy nailed on wood to chocolate eggs and bunnies? Never got that, even as a little kid back in the day. Food for thought. Cheers!


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2 responses to “Happy Something Day!

  1. WyldCherry

    April 24, 2011 at 8:37 am

    Hope you have a Happy Jesus Zombie Day, as well! 🙂


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