Book Review: Becoming A Physician

26 Apr
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Today’s book review is “Becoming A Physician” written by Jennifer and Marita Danek. This book is aimed at premed students exclusively, and has no information of use to the current med student. This is not a bad thing! By choosing to focus solely on the premed process, the authors are able to dive deeper into some topics that are not given a lot of space in other books like it.

This book is logically setup and divided into three sections:

1. Why Choose Medicine As A Career? – Looks at the different aspects of medicine, specialties to choose from, and the type of things doctors are involved with on a day-to-day basis. This section gives the premed student a basic look into what sort of qualities a doctor often haves and points the reader to do some self-exploring to find out if medicine is right for them. This section is a good point for any potential med student. Know thyself!

2. The Premed Years – This section takes a look at the undergrad years and has lots of good advice on how to get the most out of your premed years there. They cover a range of topics from choosing a college, to choosing skills and qualities to cultivate, to excelling in classes and still maintaining balance in your life. This is the part I wish I had read when I was in undergrad. Maybe then I wouldn’t have goofed off as much. ūüėõ

3. Entering Med School – Finally, the last section of this book covers the med school application process. What premed book would be complete without it? They cover the usual goodies like studying for and taking the MCAT test, picking a med school, and the interview. The last chapter talks about studying in med school. This section will be nothing new to those who have already spent any time on SDN or read another book geared towards premeds.

Overall, I thought this book would have made a better first reading for me, compared to the book I read first, when I started looking into going to med school. Instead of focusing so much about what to do once you get into med school, it instead looks at the present moment and the most pressing issues on your plate. How do I get into med school? How do I make the most of my time as a premed student to maximize my chances for acceptance? I would recommend this book to premeds who are at the start of their college careers, as they will stand to benefit the most from it. A good book that accomplishes what it set out to do! You can get a used copy from, like I did, for pennies here!

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