My Spanish Study Plan

30 Apr
My Spanish Study Plan

The Spanish 6 Week Challenge starts tomorrow, and I’m really excited to get going! Here’s a quick outline of the various study methods and materials that I’ll, tentatively, be using for the challenge.

Study Methods:
I will be using a modified method often called the “Listening-Reading Method”(LR method). To use the LR method all you need is an audiobook in the target language you want to learn(L2) and a longer novel in your L2. It is also useful to have read the novel in your native language(L1) so that you can understand the story when you’re listening and reading it in L2. The steps to this method, as I will be doing them, will go like this:

1. Read the book in L1 to familiarize yourself with the story.
2. Read and listen to the novel in L2 without worrying about understanding. Just try to get a feel for the language sounds.
3. Repeat step 2 two times. On the second time however, mark words that you notice/hear a lot and don’t know. Look up these words at the end of the day and add to flashcards.
4. $$$? 😀

I will be using the first three Harry Potter novels. Since I am already familiar with the story I can skip step 1 saving me time. I plan to tackle about two one chapters a day. Do-able enough I think. I’ll post updates on my progress every Sunday night! At the least, I hope to gain some basic, rudimentary usage of the language after six weeks. Vámonos!


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2 responses to “My Spanish Study Plan

  1. Axl

    May 3, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    I see you haven’t posted in a while either haha! Hows the spanish going?

  2. Flustered Grad

    May 3, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    I’ve been so swamped these last few days between studying for my final exam for a class and starting up Spanish things have been uber busy.

    Spanish has been very interesting so far to say the least. Will try to post something on it tonight. No promises though. 😛


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