Thank you for taking the time to visit my humble corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. My name is Kevin, and I’m a slightly flustered graduate student. 😛 I have a desire to go on to medical school after finishing up grad school. I am inherently both lazy and competitive. It all depends on who you ask. I like to find the optimal way of doing things…this stems from my aversion to spending a lot of time on any one thing and also from my desire to be the best at what ever it is I might be looking to do. *cue Pokemon theme song*

This blog is a result of me looking for an outlet to channel some creative energies. Hopefully I can leave something behind for others who might be in a situation similar as mine to help them out. You’ll find on here a collection of personal ramblings, study tips I’ve used, and yeah…more ramblings. Isn’t the internet great?

At the very least, you might get a thing or two from this blog, but let’s not forget it’s all about me here baby. 😉 Yes people, this blog runs on a well fed ego. Please shower it in lots of love and attention and it will continue to show it’s love in return by putting out more witty and, quite often, completely irrelevant posts. Cheers!


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