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School’s Out For Summer

School's Out - Album Cover Wiki

School's Out - Alice Cooper, Wikipedia

With my last exam of graduate school behind me, I am now free to begin planning my last summer of freedom before medical school. Not sure what to do, so I’m open to suggestions. I’m thinking about getting a job for a little cash flow, and planning out a couple of adventures. What would you all suggest? Did you do anything crazy cool the summer before you left for med school? Leave ’em in the comments! Cheers!

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Risks of Being a Physician Blogger

Trial at the Old Bailey in London - Wiki

Trial at the Old Bailey in London - Wikipedia

I just got through reading a well written article by Bryan Vartabedian, a doctor who writes on his blog 33 Charts. Do check it out! Vartabedian speculates about being sued by a patient and having to defend the comments and writings found on one of the many social media outlets he utilizes. As one commenter put it quite well: “In the end, it’s all about what you have said. As physician bloggers, we need to be prepared to defend or elaborate on anything that we post…”

I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I know that things that I write on this blog and twitter can be used against me should I ever be taken to court. I’m not naïve enough to think that they wouldn’t. I do believe that any defense lawyer worth his salt(and the large retainer fee) should be able to shoot down any attacks on my character taken from isolated lines and quotes.

At the same time, I do temper myself somewhat when writing on here and on twitter. I rarely post something right after I’ve written it, preferring to come back to it for a last look-over later that day. This allows me to take a fresh look at my writing after the, sometimes charged, thoughts and emotions that drove the piece have tempered. I think, hope, that this makes me a little more centered and consequentially will give a lot less fodder for a prosecuting lawyer to use.

The original article is found here by the way. To my readers who have a blog and are/will be practicing physicians, has the idea that anything you write can be used against you changed how open you are on your blog? Do you hold back more with this kind of threat in mind? Do you not care very much and instead strive for pure authenticity? I look forward to hearing you views!


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Layout Tinkering

I’ve been looking for a layout that is a little closer to what I want to see. The current layout is more flexible than the original, but a little too red/pinkish for my taste. I’m looking into two themes at the moment. All of this comes about as I am exploring the possibility of moving the blog to a self-hosted server. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were. Hmm…I’ll be tinkering with the site layout throughout today, so don’t be too shocked if the site looks completely different from hour to hour. 😛 Cheers everyone!

UPDATE: All edits should be in place. New layout is complete.


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Happy Something Day!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! The day when many people celebrate the re-animation of a guy who had been dead for three days. Hence the zombie part in the name. Clever, I know right? 😛 However, despite all my brilliance, I cannot be credited with thinking up such a cool name. All credit goes to the comic “Cyanide and Happiness”, reproduced for you below.

Cyanide & Happiness #858 -

Cyanide & Happiness #858 -

Anyways, I hope no one takes too much offense to me calling Easter, Zombie Jesus Day. I don’t make a lot of money…any money at the moment actually 😦 …to hire a security force, so please don’t take it personally. Go eat a marshmallow peep or something and chill out before you do anything rash. Better yet, microwave a peep. *nods* It will blow your mind. But seriously, how did it go from a half-naked guy nailed on wood to chocolate eggs and bunnies? Never got that, even as a little kid back in the day. Food for thought. Cheers!


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New Site Layout

Hi there everyone! Yes, this still is Flustered Grad. Shocking, I know! I’ve taken some time to roll out this new layout. I think it’s a little sexier and more aesthetically pleasing. Let me know if you find it hideous, if you love it, if you something-in-between it. 😛 I tried to make sure all the features and menus stayed roughly were they were for the old site, but somethings may be off. My apologies! If you find anything broken or missing please let me know. Enjoy! I promise I’ll have a “real post” up sometime this next week. 🙂

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